Graduated in 1994 at the University of Florence in “Economics and Commerce” after winning a scholarship to attend a semester abrod in Melbourne Australia.
Spent last time of study c/o “George Washington University” to complete an independent research on a thesis regarding the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area.

Worked as “Managing Director” from 1994 to 1997 in a Company within the Ferragamo Group handling various aspect of Real Estate Development Projects in Florence.

Since 1997 opened “Accademia Realty” and getting involved more and more in all aspect of Property Development and all phases of intervention till a “key in hand “ product to the clients that live abroad and need someone in Florence as an “Alter Ego”.

Featured in “House Hunter International” in 2006 and “Bang for your Bucks” in 2011.
Started to use autocad working together with architect to propose final plans of buildings, pools, gardens and small apartments. (One swimming pool has been published in the cover page of Dimore case da sogno …)