First step I to choose the right property not only for you current needs but to be able to anticipate future trends which influence so much on any given property when it comes to value and resale.
The market is really dynamic and we have seen fast changes in areas which used to be less considered by our clients which soon became the place to be and places the everybody thought would never depreciate going down in value within a year or two.

Once a property if purchased the renovation and refurbishing process can take some time and having in hand the right team to complete this process makes all the difference.

Many of our clients come form overseas so we ensure to follow every need they have to maintain their property in Tuscany always ready for when they come.

The big difference in the market is the long and the short rental period Usually longer period allows to have a much better monthly rent rate and you could also find an unfurnished unit. Sometimes we start the process of finding a tenant still during a renovation which allows the client to even choose some of the details of the furnishing and appliances.

Our clients range form large international corporation which we have been serving for over 17 years (just to mention some: General Electric, Ely Lilly, Novartis, Salvatore Ferragamo, Emilio Pucci, Gucci and many more) to single family who decide to relocate in Florence and Tuscany for a year or more.

Short term rentals usually have utilities included while longer term contracts foresee to have all bills paid separately. Usually properties are rented fully furnished in Florence, but if you send a request far in advance you could find a property being refurbished and the owner would not mind renting the property unfurnished.